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A reliable, scalable and fully secured

Addpro is offering the Robust and user-friendly

bulk sms Admin panel

to control Enterprise bulk SMS business. We will offer you one of the best

web-based admin panel

which contains all the features that are required by you to manage your clients and service providers. One of the most important things about our admin panel Is that we offer this panel on rent to the needy clients who have less budget for their marketing. Our

Admin Panel On Rent

is getting popular day-by-day only because it is available at an affordable monthly rent.

“Be An Owner – Use Our Bulk SMS Admin-Panel To Manage All Activities”

On the other hand, our admin panel particularly grants its users, the access to use the complete

bulk SMS panel

. Using an

sms Admin control panel

of our company helps you manage each and every client and to keep a record of their every transaction. Well, it’s a great platform to monitor your clients’ day to day activity and here you can do several important tasks like managing routes, managing clients, tracking reports and much more.

Managing Route –
On our interface, you can change routes as per your convenience. Don’t depend on the single operator divert SMS route so that the other route works if one of them is not working.

Managing Clients –
With our SMS Admin Panel, manage everyone who’s working with you. Add/reduce their balance, set their price per SMS and if you want to sort clients according to your need, you can do that too.

Tracking Reports –
Track the details of every sent SMS, see the real-time status of running marketing campaigns and the route from which messages have been sent.

Let’s have a deep look at some of the important features of our bulk SMS Admin panel –

Quick User-Management –
You need not be a tech-savvy to access our SMS Admin Panel Services. You can easily manage your clients’ accounts and team. All activities related to team and clients like profile management, add fund, account configurations, change account expiry date, and delete client is easier to perform.

Dial Plan –
This is one of the best features of

Addpro’s bulk sms admin panel

. You can make your services better by choosing the right route. We also allow you to make another route at back-hand to send the SMS if the main route is not functioning properly.

Account Settings –
All the account related information will be shown easily on our panel. If you wish to see transaction log which contains SMS type and its description, it all will be shown here. Moreover, payment status will also be shown, whether the amount is received or pending.

Manage Delivery report –
You can quickly manage reports on our

Admin panel for bulk SMS marketing

. Our Best Bulk SMS Admin Panel gives you options to upload DLR if you have huge traffic on the server, and, if you need to save it to your system, then this feature is useful.

Request Wall For Help –
A platform where you can get the solutions to all your queries and issues. We have a support ticket, billing ticket and sender ID ticket option where you can take approval of sender IDs, can do direct communication with account department and support team members if you’re facing any problem in using our services.

So, what could be better than this? This is everything you need for your SMS marketing campaign. Our Bulk SMS Application Rental is optimally designed so that it doesn’t cost you too much. Be your own leader and manage activities for better business growth.